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Correction to the ASUCI Report from March 20, 2017

Following a meeting between UCI Transportation and ASUCI on Monday, March 20th a report was published that has caused confusion and frustration among students. In contrast to what was agreed upon at the conclusion of the meeting, UCI Transportation was not given the opportunity to review ASUCI’s report to ensure accuracy before it was posted online. While we work with ASUCI to amend their publication, we would like to address two immediate issues incorrectly reported.

UCI did not lose 12,000 parking stalls from 2007 through 2015 as was outlined. During this timeframe, due to campus construction of buildings, UCI lost approximately 1,200 parking spaces. UCI’s current parking inventory provides sufficient parking for all faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Additionally, there is no automated process for citation dismissal. UCI Transportation follows the State established appeal process which is clearly outlined on our website. Every citation appeal is individually reviewed with consideration to one’s specific circumstance and citation history. If you receive a citation, we encourage you to provide as much information possible so that a fair decision can be rendered. For assistance in successfully appealing a citation, please review our guide to citation appeals found at the link below.

A guide to citations and the appeals at UCI

Posted 4/13/17 4:35PM

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