Welcome to UCI's Issue Reporting System

We want to make your experience on campus the best one possible! To accomplish this we need your help in identifying potential issues in areas around campus, so that we may apply resources effectively to repair and protect UCI's infrastructure. FixIt UCI is available for non-emergency issues you notice in the field.

Choose from the options below and log in with your UCInetID to submit what you have noticed and indicate the location of the problem. A photo upload feature is also available for your convenience. Requests with a scheduled "FixIt Date" are listed in the section to the right. If the issue you submit is outside of our department's scope we will provide this information to the appropriate party.

Thank you for being our "eyes and ears" at UCI!

FixIt Dates
  • 11-28-2017 - Lot 12B: Signage adjustment
  • 11-27-2017 - Hitachi: Signage replacement
  • 11-21-2017 - APS: Signage replacement
  • 11-20-2017 - SCPS: Repaint stairwells
  • 11-17-2017 - APS: Repaint stairwells
  • 11-16-2017 - Lot 18D: Signage ADA replacement
  • 11-15-2017 - Lot 12A: Signage replacement
  • 11-14-2017 - Lot 6: Bollard replacement
  • 11-13-2017 - Lot 12B: Shrubbery removal
  • 11-09-2017 - SCPS: Tree removal

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