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Departmental Parking Permits

Departmental Guest Parking

Transportation and Distribution Services is committed to maximizing the guest experience at UC Irvine. We ask that departments partner with us in this commitment and use the Permit Reservation System Departmental Guest Permit Reservation System.

This online reservation system is the perfect solution to pay for guest parking for events with 20 or less guests. The reservation system can be used for a one time visit or multiple visits.

Using the system allows the guest to make contact with a parking attendant, who can answer any questions, hand out maps, and direct your guest to the proper location. Daily updates provide attendants with information that could potentially cause a delay to your guest's arrival. We pride ourselves in having friendly and courteous attendants who are students of the UC Irvine campus.

We offer additional event services at a nominal charge, to enhance your guests' experience for your event.

If you would like your guests' parking permits to be for a specific date-range or if you would like to request day-use permits, please email with your request. For date-range permits, please include:

  • names of your guests
  • permit type (general, reserved and/or service) and quantity
  • starting and ending date of the permit (if applicable)
  • a recharge number (account-fund)

Departmental Events (20+ Guests)

Departments coordinating events with more than 20 participants are asked to make arrangements with our Event Services Coordinator at 949-824-2690. This is to ensure that we will be able to accommodate your parking needs on the day of your event.

Departmental "Service" Parking

The following options are available to departments who wish to authorize the use of an employee's personal vehicle for University related business and provide close parking. Please note that DAR and DSA permits were created to assist faculty and staff with "C" (general) parking permits to move about the campus in order to more efficiently perform their work duties.

Personal permits are not required to be displayed when the DAR or DSA permit is displayed. However, these permits are to be used only as supplemental permits during working hours. At no time should a DAR or DSA be used in lieu of purchasing, or correctly using, a personal permit.

It is important to note that AR permits are non-restrictive and valid in any "AR" reserved stalls on campus, with the exception of those in lot 80.

"DAR" Departmental Administrative Reserved Permit

Permit Eligibility

  • Any individual who needs to conduct business on campus while using a personal vehicle instead of a state vehicle


  • $1,056.00 from July - June

Where to Park

  • In unmarked and "AR" stalls in all parking areas, witht he exception of Lot 80
"DSA" Departmental Service Permit

Permit Eligibility

  • Any individual who needs to conduct business on campus while using a personal vehicle instead of a state vehicle


  • $1,404.00 from July - June

Where to Park

    Your Service permit is VALID:

  • In Service stalls or general unassigned and "AR" stalls in all parking areas, with the exception the Social Sciences Parking Structure (SSPS) and Lot 80.

  • Your Service permit is NOT VALID:

  • Departmental and E-plate stalls
  • Resident stalls
  • Disabled stalls
  • For overnight parking
  • Pay by Space
  • Exclusively reserved stalls

[Click here to order departmental service permits]

UC Irvine Facilities Vehicles (Displaying California Exempt Plates)

All UCI facilities vehicles displaying a California-Exempt license plate ("e plate") may park in unmarked, "AR"reserved, "e-plate only", and service stalls. Please refer to the chart below with regards to posted time limits.

Vehicle Type Permit Required Valid in:
General Reserved Service
(Time Limited)
"E Plate Only"
E-plate University Vans and Trucks (equipment carrying) Not Required yes yes no limit no limit yes
E-plate University Vehicles Not Required yes yes no limit no limit yes
Employee's Personal Vehicles Departmental Service "DSA" yes yes obey limit no limit no
Departmental Reserved "DAR" yes yes no no no
Vendor and Contractor Vehicles Vendor/Service "VS" yes yes no limit no limit no

* ALL e-plate vehicles, Departmental Service Permits, and Vendor/Service permits are valid in service stalls (i.e. the stall does NOT have to be marked for departmental use only), unmarked stalls, and "AR"reserved stalls.
* For outside vendor parking information, please click here.

If you have questions regarding service parking, please contact (949) 824-PARK.

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