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Lot Rentals

Reserve a Lot to Guarantee Parking for Your Guests

Lot Rentals

Put your mind at ease and guarantee a designated place to park for your guests. You can reserve a specific parking lot or have individual spaces in lots or structures blocked off with customized signage. Save a parking place for your guests by reserving space with us today.
Please reserve stalls and barricades at least two business days in advance to avoid late fees. Lot and structure rentals should be reserved at least two weeks in advance.

Lot Rental Pricing
Reserved Stall w/ Sign $20
Barricaded Area $50 set up charge
$10 or $14 per stall charge
$16/hour attendant fee (must begin at 7AM)
Rental of Parking Lot*
(Subject to availability)
Call for details
Rental of Parking Structure*
(Subject to availability)
Call for details
Lot 6A Barricade Options $110 4pm - 8:30pm [4.5 hrs]
$190 7am - 3:30pm [8.5 hrs]
$235 7am - 8:00pm [13 hrs]

$16 per additional hour
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