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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: When do I need a permit on campus?
A: Permits are required on campus at all times. [Top]

Q: Do visitors need a permit?
A: Yes, anyone who works on, attends, or visits the campus must purchase and display a valid permit. Visitor permits may be purchased at the information kiosks located at the parking structures or at any of the permit dispensers in various parking lots throughout campus. See permit dispenser locations. [Top]

Q: How do I buy my student parking permit?
A: Student parking permits are available for purchase online only. Log in to your myCommute account to purchase your permit. [Top]

Q: I have a Commuter Zone permit. Can I park outside of my zone? If so, when?
A: Yes, after 3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday you may park in zones 1-6. Additionally, after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays or on Saturdays or Sundays, you may park in non-24 hour enforced AR stalls and in faculty/staff parking lots. [Top]

Q: I have a Student Resident permit. Can I park outside my designated resident area?
A: Yes, after 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday you may park in any open lot (not a parking structure) in unmarked stalls or non-24 hour enforced AR stalls. [Top]

Q: Can I trade my commuter zone permit in for another zone?
A: Yes, zone permits may be switched out for another zone or permit type at the Transportation and Distribution Services main office (200 Public Services). If you are interested in switching your zone, please verify that your desired zone is available in myCommute. [Top]

Q: When can I renew my zone permit?
A: To retain your current zone, renew before the expiration date referenced on your current permit. [Top]

Q: When I login to myCommute, my preferred permit zone is not available. Why?
A: All available permit inventory is listed in myCommute. Your preferred zone may have reached its permit cap and is now sold out. Make sure to purchase or renew your permit early to retain the zone of your choice. [Top]

Q: How are permit caps set for each zone?
A: The first three weeks of every quarter, Transportation and Distribution Services conducts a comprehensive lot utilization study (student staff counts parked cars in each lot at different scheduled times during the day). T&DS uses this data to establish permit caps for each zone. [Top]

Q. What do I do if my permit is lost?
A: You can report the permit lost and replace it for $15 at the Transportation and Distribution Services main office. If you locate the permit and return the original permit to our office within 30 days, you may be refunded the replacement transaction fee. [Top]

Q: My permit was stolen. Can I obtain a replacement permit?
A: If your permit is stolen, please file a police report with the UCI Police Department or in the city where the incident occurred. Then, visit the Transportation and Distribution Services main office with a copy of the police report number to obtain a replacement permit at no additional charge. [Top]

Q: How do I get a refund for my parking permit?
A: All permits must be returned to the Transportation main office. Prorated refunds are issued for unused months remaining on the permit. There is a $15 transaction fee to cancel an unused/unprinted permit. Permits obtained via payroll deduction must be returned on or before the 10th of the month. [Top]

Q: I am an east campus resident (VDC, VDCN, CDS, PDS), can I buy a commuter parking permit?
A: East campus residents may not purchase a commuter parking permit. As many of you know, campus parking lots are already in high demand. Limiting nearby residents to their respective housing parking lots creates additional room for student commuters. There are, however, extenuating circumstances in which a campus resident may have a valid reason for needing a commuter parking pass. If this is the case, the individual should visit the Transportation & Distribution Services Office and fill out an exemption form. Exemptions are evaluated on an individual basis. [Top]

Q: I own an electric vehicle. Do I need a parking permit when charging my vehicle?
A: Yes, a valid UCI permit must be displayed when charging your electric vehicle at designated stalls in parking structures. For visitors or those without valid UCI permits, hourly permits may be purchased at all kiosks and automated dispensers. [Top]


Q: Where can I park overnight on campus?
A: On-campus residents may purchase their permits by logging into myCommute. Short term overnight parking is available for purchase at all available permit dispensers. [Top]

Q: Will there always be enough commuter parking on campus? What about in my zone?
A: Yes, however, during peak times (9:30 a.m - 2:00 p.m.) parking may be full in core locations of your zone. If this occurs, please park in the lots ARC and 36, or the white stalls in the East Campus Parking Structure. The Anteater Express shuttle provides direct access to various campus destinations. Live route tracking is available at [Top]

Q: I do not have AAA service, do you offer any motorist assistance services?
A: UCI's motorist assistance, or VIP Service, is provided on the main campus at no charge to all UCI affiliates. Services include jumpstarts, tire inflation, tire sealant, vehicle unlock, and use of a gas can. Bike Assist and an Emergency Ride Home Program are also available. All VIP Services are available between 7am-11pm by calling (949)824-VIPS (8477). [Top]

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